Service Network System

renadmin/ riqi Mar,2017

1. Provide reasonable suggestions about market, equipment choice, working process, raw materials formula, etc.
2. Design process flow and perfect workshop layout. 
3. If needed, we’ll dispatch the experts from our company to install the equipments and help clients to start up, training the local operators.
4. Formula for food will be also provided free of charge.

One year of warranty period, begins with the date which the production line finished installation at clients' place. Preferentially supply spare parts at factory price.
We accept TT, Money Gram, L/C , Western Union, etc..
Technical service
Technical project design: According to the actual needs of customers, we can determine the types and specifications of the equipment. We can also customize the machine according to the special requirements of customers, and provide a satisfactory and reasonable production line for customer.
Technical guidance: We can send professional engineers abroad for the installation of our machines to ensure your normal use;
Consult Project: To provide users with free technical consult,if it will not leak our company's technical secrets;
User training: We offer training technical person for clients, to make the customer have a certain technology and machine maintenance skills. All this don't charge any fees.
Services are typically long-running. Often, they start when the system starts and stop when it shuts down.
Services are often network-facing, making them especially vulnerable to remote attacks.
Services typically run in a high-privilege account such as LocalSystem.