Bamboo Skewer Making Machine For Sale

renKatherine/ riqi Apr,2017
bamboo skewer making machine

Bamboo skewer making machine is mainly used to produce bamboo bbq skewers. The finished bamboo skewerts can be used for food, especially roast or some handcrafted decorative patterns.
The main features of the bamboo skewer making machine:
1.The whole line contains 6 machines.They are bamboo sawing machine,bamboo bar machine,bamboo bar fixing
machine,bamboo stick forming machine,bamboo stick cutting machine,knifer sharpener.
2.This production line can produce about 40000-12000 pieces incense sticks(1-4mm) per day(8hours).
3.This line usually needs 3-4workers.
The finished bamboo skewers:
- Length: 10-40cm
- Diameter: 3-10mm
Different sizes are available.
- Shape: round
- Material: 100% natural bamboo
- Packing: inside packing (100 pcs/bag, 100 bags/carton), outside packing (standard exporting carton) or other packing as per your request
- Colour: natural colour
- Feature: Eco-friendly, smooth, clean, straight, hard, insect-resitant, non-stick
Bamboo Skewer Technical Process:
Raw material dry bamboo block ----- bamboo slice ------ long round bamboo rod ------ bamboo Skewer ------polishing Skewer-------- sharpening Skewer
bamboo skewer making machine