Bamboo Toothpick Machine|Bamboo Skewer Production Line

renKatherine/ riqi Jan,2017
bamboo toothpick machine

Bamboo toothpick machine can be used to make bamboo toothpicks and barbecue skewers.
The diameter of the finished toothpicks or bamboo skewers range from 2.2mm to 3.3mm. All our machines can be customized according to customers' requirement.
The complete set of Bamboo Toothpicks Machine or Bamboo Skewers Machine:
1.Sawing machine (bamboo) 1.5 60 1.0×0.6×1.2
Usage: sawed 400mm*160T,used for feeding and cutting bamboo, better length is 1-1.2m
2. Bamboo dissection machine 4.0 800 3.3×0.8×1.1
Usage: dissection cutter head(9-18heads)total 10,put the finished bamboo into the suit cutter head according to the size and polish them into bamboo flakes, width from 20mm to 22mm,speed of feeding is 57m/min
3. Bamboo flaker 1.5 130 0.7×0.7×1.2
Usage: Put some of the flakes into this machine and flake, width is 3-4mm, speed of feeding is 87m/min
4. Combined flaker 2.2×3 500 1.6×0.7×1.2
Usage: Put the polished bamboo flakes into this machine and make it to be square and straight every side, width from 18-20 mm, width of flaker is 3-4mm,speed of feeding is 87m/min
5. Bamboo filament shaping machine3.0×2 400 1.0×0.7×1.2
Usage: The normal standard is 2*2.2mm, speed of feeding is 87m/min
6. Bamboo filament set-size machine 0.75 200 1.5×0.8×1.0
Usage: Set the filament, length of 34mm
7. Polishing machine 2.2 400 2.6×1.1×1.1
Usage: Polish the raw stick after the set-size
8.Bamboo filament mincing machine
Usage: Mincing the sticks
9. Multi-sharpen machine 0.37 100 0.8×0.6×1.1
Usage: Sharpen the cutter and saw.