Where to Buy Broom Handle Wood Machine

renKatherine/ riqi Aug,2017
Wood broom handle is widely used in our daily life. Where to buy broom wood handle making machine? This wood broom handle machine is belong to wood round stick Processing equipment, Mainly  make long strips bamboo or wood material and round wood into round sticks and smooth square sticks.The machine can be customized according to your wood broom handles.
wood broom handle machine
1.The proper material is widely,such as elongated wood and round stock embryo,to change the disadvantage of raw material limited.
2.Smooth surface,the stick which processed approach to the one through sanding,to leave the sanding process by changing the speed of the machine .http://www.woodworkingtop.com/products/mop-stick-machine/wood-broom-stick-machine.html
3.High efficiency, the highest speed of the machine can reach 25 pcs/min,and can be customed the machine which can process more sticks for one time
broom wood handle machine