The Raw Materials Used to Make Wood Popsticks

renKatherine/ riqi May,2017
wood ice pop sticks machine

There are some raw materials that can be used to make wood popsticks:
White oak: The light color of white oak presents the natural and simple contrast. The performance of decoration makes people feel living in the wonderful woods.
Walnut: The color and lines present profound effect. The high level furniture of walnut is always the best selection in the high test choice.
Beech wood: It belonds to European wood. Its coloration of lines and grains always become the food choice of decoration,because the warmness and brightness bring soft and gentle preformance.
Ash: From Chang-Bai Mountain, China.Presenting fine grain. Its color presents nature and balance after decoration.

Wood popsticks can be used in the production of making ice cream, lollipop, forzen sucker, etc. offer the complete set of Wood Popsticks Making Machine with capacity 110,000pcs/8h. Firstly we should prepare the timber to at least 50cm length, 8cm width and 3.5cm thickness. The size of the finished wood popsticks can be customized.