The Cost of of Buying Machine of Making Toothpick

renKatherine/ riqi Dec,2016
Toothpick can be divided into wood toothpick and bamboo toothpick according to the raw materials, and also can be divided into single sharpe end and double sharpe ends. Many customers want to know the cost of Buying Machine of Making Toothpick.
There are some factors affecting the price:
1, The raw materials you use.
What machinery should you use to make toothpicks? Well, first, you should consider what kind of raw material do you plan to use, wood or bamboo?
There are 8 units of machines to make wood toothpicks, while 10 units of machines to make bamboo toothpicks.
2, The finished toothpick.
After confirming the raw materials, please take into consideration that you want to make toothpicks with single sharp end or double sharpe ends. 
3, The capacity you want.
The capacity means how many pieces of the finished toothpicks do you want to process in one hour or one day? The smallest capacity is 500000 to 600000 pieces/8hours, while the maximum will be 2million to 3 millon per 8 hours. The larger the capacity is, the expensive the price.
4, The voltage you use in your factory.
Usually, we suggest 380V, 3 phase, while when you use lower voltage, like 220V, 240V, or single phase, we will equip the Voltage converter for you.
5, The country, the seaport, the shipping method you choose.
We are in China, which country are you from? If you want shipping by sea, which seaport is nearest to you? Do you have shipping agent in China or not? 
All these factors will affect the cost, so before you want to know The Cost of of Buying Machine of Making Toothpick, consider the above questions.

Attach the video of Bamboo Toothpick Making Machine: