What is the Difference Between Wood Toothpick and Bamboo Toothpick Machines?

renKatherine/ riqi Dec,2016
toothpick machine
Toothpick can be divided into Wood toothpick and Bamboo toothpick according to raw materials. While, the machines used for making wood and bamboo toothpick are also different.
As the picture shows, wood toothpick machines are consisted of 8 machines: Wood lamination machine,Wood filament machine,wood filament set-size machine,Toothpick set-size machine,Toothpick polisher,Toothpick ordering machine,Toothpick sharpener,Multipurpose sharpener.
Bamboo toothpick machines are consisted of 10 machines: Bamboo sawing machine,Bamboo dissection machine,Bombined flaker,Bamboo filament shaping machine,Bamboo filament set-size machine,Polishing machine,Toothpick set-size machine,Toothpick finishing machine,Toothpick sharpened machine,Knife Sharpener
Some machines are same, but some different. If you plan to start a business to manufacture toothpick, better consider what kind of raw material do you want to use, wood or bamboo. And then, please consider for the finished toothpick, do you want to make single sharp end or double sharp ends.