Automatic Wood Broom Handle Machine

renKatherine/ riqi Dec,2016
wood broom handle machineWood Broom Handle is a piece of long and round wood sticks which can be used as broom handle or mop sticks. The length and diameter can be customized as request.
There are two kinds of wooden round broom handle machines, one is making single wood into broom handle; the other is similar to the two plane, directly processing a piece of wood pallet into several sticks.
Wood from the wood began by the "band saw" processed into a thick plate, by a circular saw or band saw set width, fixed by the saw cut length, drying into the workshop according to the need to use different machinery,
such as
1. Dressed timber: Flat plane (also called hand pressure planing) flat out a standard plane, along the saw set width, pressure planing (or sanding machine) set thickness, cut length;
2. FJL panel: The wood will be set wide, after the set thickness (usually after the band saw processing can be dry, do not need to do the same as the precision polished material), the comb comb teeth, then the machine means Then the growth of the bar, and then set it to four-wide plane, with a puzzle to fight it into a wide board, and then determined by the sanding machine thick finished.
LONGER offer different models of Wooden Broom Handle Machines, which can be used to make different sizes of the finished broom sticks.