Wood Tongue Depressor Processing Line Video

renKatherine/ riqi Apr,2017
wood tongue depressor machine
There are many kinds of Tongue Depressor in the market, like stainless steel, plastic, and wood, in which the wood tongue depressor is the mostly commonly used because the wood reflects the one-time use of health requirements. It can be used to do otolaryngology, pharynx examination, throat examination, etc. One-time use of spatula made of polystyrene plastic, smooth surface, no obvious deformation, impurities, bubbles, scratches, smooth contact with the mouth, no flash, uniform pressure plate uniform, the middle to withstand 1kg pressure, deflection is not More than 1.5cm, the initial pollution of less than 100cfu / g, not detected pathogens, with ethylene oxide sterilization, the residue is not greater than 10mg / kg.
How to make wood tongue depressor? There is a video showing how to process the wood tongue depressor from the begining to end. Basically, there are 9 machines included in the complete wood tongue depressor processing line.