Cost of Bamboo Toothpicks Manufacturing Machines

renKatherine/ riqi Sep,2017
bamboo toothpick making machine
Bamboo is a renewable resource that can be harvested annually and if cultivated well produces a known yield per unit area. This makes it ideal for supplying the relatively low but regular inputs of raw materials required by the toothpick unit.
How are bamboo toothpicks produced?
Toothpicks are produced by splitting bamboo culms into thin splits that are then split further into circular rods 2mm in diameter. These are then cut to length, polished and the ends are sharpened.
What is the market for bamboo toothpicks?
The market for bamboo toothpicks is very large although figures are not available. Toothpicks are very widely used throughout Asia and in other regions of the world. In order to develop the market still further the environmentally friendly nature of using bamboos to produce toothpicks could be stressed.

How to start bamboo toothpicks business?

To start your production line you need to determine if you want to produce wood or plastic toothpicks. You also have to market your product to you local community or export.
You need quality products, permits, company registration and finance. Other things are raw materials, type of machinery and learning the production process.
While most importantly, get a perfect set of bamboo toothpicks manufaturing machine. LONGER Machinery offers a complete set of bamboo toothpick machines. There are machine for both small and large scale toothpick manufacturers. Buy high quality standardized machines to produce quality toothpicks.
The bamboo toothpick manufacturing machines are both locally available and imported machinery. You have semi-automatic and automatic injection molding machines. The automatic injection molding machines is more effective, precise and reduces production time. 

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