Small Scale Wood Rod Rounding Machine

renKatherine/ riqi Sep,2017
wood rod rounding machine
Wood rod rounding machine (shovel handle machine) uses automatic feeding, automatic discharging two functions, can process traditional round rods (shovel, mop stick, broom handle), this equipment is mainly used for shovels, hoes, mop and other wood sticks tools, circular wood processing for decoration and furniture, it has a simple exercises, convenient maintenance, etc..
1. Suitable materials are widely used, such as an elongated timber inventory and round embryo, change shortcomings of limited raw materials for other machine.
2. Smooth surface, the output round stick close to sanding effect, saves sanding process by changing speed.
3. High productivity, the fastest feed can reach 18-25m/min, we can also design output more round sticks at one time according to customer's need.
This wood rod rounding machine is belong to wood round stick processing equipment, mainly make long strips bamboo or wood material and round wood into round sticks and smooth square sticks.The machine can be customized according to the diameter of your wood handle. This wood rod rounding machine can be used with wood rod polishing machine and wood screw thread machine.
1. Package: Wooden packing as export standard
2. Delivery date: With 5 days after payment.
3. Payment method: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram