Automatic Bamboo Toothpick Making Machines

renKatherine/ riqi Feb,2017
bamboo toothpick making machine
Whole producing process of Automatic bamboo toothpick making machine:
1.Cutting the fresh bamboo into certain size.
2.Splitting the bamboo into pieces.bambukines sakutes uzkandziams smeigtukai
3.Fixing the wide of bamboo pieces and flatening the bamboo pieces.
4.Slicing the pieces with certain thickness.
5.Making the bamboo pieces into sticks.
6.Cutting the sticks into 65mm toothpick
7.Polishing the toothpick and making the surface smooth.
8.Sharpening the toothpick
Performance of wood bamboo toothpick making machine:
1. New designation and exquisite appearance.
2.Fixed wide slicer can remove joints and flaten the bamboo pieces both sides. The final bamboo pieces will become smooth and flat.
3. Bamboo stick machine can make different diameter stick, and the stick can be round, square and tabular.It is very important machine for toothpick and bamboo skewer stick machine.
4.We will send one set of spare parts and tool box with our whole line machines. 
5. This machine is used for two head point type bamboo toothpicks.
6. Normal Specification: Diameter 2mm, Length: 65mm.
7. The capacity of the electricity production line: 800,000 sticks/8 hours.
Toothpick Technical Process:
Saw(1400,1050,700,350)×60×35(mm)square dry wooden block-slice-Drawbench-set size of wirelike stick(cut wirelike stick to three times of toothpick length)-set size of small wirelike stick to toothpick length stick-polishing-aligning(making all this small polished stick in order)-sharpen ends(or milling and sharpen)-packing.