Wood Shaving Machine Sold to South Africa

renKatherine/ riqi Feb,2017
wood shaving machine
Customer from South Africa ordered one unit of wood shavings machine for making horse bedding. Customer owns a pallet manufacturing plant and plans to manufacturing wood shavings for sale.
This new type wood shaving machine is designed to produce wood shavings in desired with high output capacity, and suitable size to be able to use them as bedding at chicken farming and horse breeding sectors. The raw materials can be logs, branches, plate edge into wood shavings. This wood shavings machine is suitable for animal bedding.Such as the horse bedding,hamster bedding and so on. Automatic feeding equipment, not only greatly increases the production speed, but also save time and manpower.
There are all adjustment possibilities to get wood shavings in desired size and high quality.
The aim is to utilize wastage wood pieces and to get alternative income for the companies in woodworking industry.Chicken farming and horse breeding companies would also get a chance to produce their own wood shavings needs in desired quality, size, and amount with our shaving machine.
Wood shaving machine for horse bedding equipment can process
Inlet adopts automatic feeding device, the material comet into the machine through the feeding port , after the blade section in the interior of the machine, and then enter the screen. Finally it will produce uniform particle size, the thickness can be adjusted automatically. It is used to make wood shavings. The different size of final product can be adjusted by tuning the cutter and changing the sieve. the raw material gets into the machine from feeding port, through the cutter to the crushing room, under the effect of the mutual striking hammers, the material is being crushed. The wood shvings is the same as the ones from furniture factory.