Susan Customer Visiting For Bamboo Toothpick Machine

renKatherine/ riqi Feb,2017
bamboo toothpick machine
Customer from Sudan ordered one unit of Bamboo Toothpick Machine from LONGER Machinery. Customer plan to start business for making toothpicks. After checking our quotation, customer flied to visit our factory and office. Everything went well and customer already paid the down payment. 
We cater to customers' needs and cooperate with customers, to achieve effective and feasible solutions.We work closely with our clients to achieve our goal which is provide our clients with high quality products, competitive price, reliable service and timely delivery.
The complete set of bamboo toothpick machine is made of 10 single units of machines: Bamboo sawing machine,Bamboo dissection machine,Bombined flaker,Bamboo filament shaping machine,Bamboo filament set-size machine,Polishing machine,Toothpick set-size machine,Toothpick finishing machine,Toothpick sharpened machine, Knife Sharpener
The working process of Bamboo Toothpick Machines: Original bamboo - picking sawing - cutting bamboo stick - section open piece of fixed width into silk, bleaching, drying, cutting off - length - polishing - neat - remove the defect to sign - nib - remove the defect sign, packaging, warehousing (factory).