Video of Automatic Cotton Swab Production Line

renKatherine/ riqi Feb,2017

Cotton Swab Production Line is mainly used to make make-up cotton swabs or medical cotton swabs. According to different requirements, the width and length of the finished cotton swabs can be adjusted at any time, the main frame of the machine is for the folding structure, with sufficient strength and stability.
Carding machine can be used to process the raw materials into a single fiber-like, and then through the laying machine, even paved the required width and thickness, through the automatic pull machine or roll into the product cut into the required length and thickness.
This Cotton Bud Making and Packing Machine is fully automatic from making cotton bud, drying cotton bud and packing.
For packing parts, it can be designed to pack by plastic bags, plastic bottles, round and square canister according to clients’ demand. The number of each packge, also can be designed according to clients’ demand, like 50 pcs ,100 pcs. researched and developed the automatic cotton swa production line, in the production process, to reduce the manual operation of the machine, through the frequency control to control the operation of the entire equipment, thereby reducing losses and improve production efficiency.

This machine is with high speed, high efficiency, high automation programs. Compact structure, easy operation and maintenance of the characteristics of convenient adjustment. Can adjust the production speed. Cotton is a head full, bright and clean, even the size of the head and body of roller, cotton winding firm, won't appear falls off phenomenon. Product quality have all reached national standards.