Broom Stick Making Machine

renKatherine/ riqi Oct,2016
broom stick making machinebroom stick machine

Broomstick making machine consists of three single machines, one wooden round pole making machine, one polishing machine and one teeth making machine.
Features: Round stick machine (shovel machine) using a wide range of raw materials can be square, but also round, but also other types of custom round bar machine (the type of equipment processing 2-4cm diameter range, through the exchange Different tools to adjust the diameter.) Round bar sanding machine is a shovel machine matching products, sanding machine is mainly used for sanding and rotary head, so that the finished rod is more smooth and easy to use, processed finished round rod The taper point is easier to install on the spade, hoe and other tools, the set of equipment is mainly used for shovels, hoe, daily mop and workers in the production of wood tools,
Features: There is a wide range of wood can be used for processing uneven bars for making round sticks, martial arts sticks and other sports equipment, rolling pin, mine pillars, staircase handrails and other round sticks. Raw materials used for processing can be square or circular.