Cotton Ear buds Making Machine Sold to Bangladesh

renKatherine/ riqi Mar,2017
Customer from Bangladesh ordered one set of Cotton Ear buds Making Machine from LONGER Machinery. Customer owns a factory for making cotton balls, and cotton pads. Now he plans to get a machine for making cotton buds. This cotton ear buds making machine is new type of cotton swab machine, with automatic feeding, automatic cotton rolling, drying, packaging function with fast, high efficiency, high automation program.

This complete cotton ear buds making machine is with compact structure, easy operation, easy maintenance and adjustment features. Free to adjust the production speed. Cotton swabs full of cotton, smooth, uniform size, cotton head and rods wound firmly, does not appear off the phenomenon. Product quality have reached the national standard.
The machine is suitable for automatic packaging of a variety of specifications of the box, plastic bags, suction cards and cylinders. For different types of different packaging, the packaging fixtures and methods are also different.