Round Wooden Chopsticks Processing Machinery

renKatherine/ riqi Mar,2017
chopsticks making machine
Production process of Wooden Chopsticks Making Machine: Wood dissection machine →wood set-size machine→wood chopsticks shaping machine →chopsticks sharpen machine → polishing machine→knife sharpening machine→ chopsticks packing machine
Advantage of the complete wooden chopsticks production line:
1.The whole chopsticks production line with capacity 100,000 pairs per 8 hours,needs 3-4 workers. 
2. One M3 raw wood can make 55,000 pairs chopsticks(dia 5.0mm,210mm length).
3. This set of machinery is multi functional and the production line can make square incense sticks, round incense sticks, bamboo round chopsticks, bamboo sticks.
4. The size of the finished chopsticks can be customized. Normally the size of the finished chopsticks is length 19-24cm,width 1.2—1.3cm,and thickness 0.4—0.5cm.
5. High efficient and save manual labour, the entire line just needs 3-4 persons.
6. Our machines can use the leftover materials from Wooden furniture factory and Wooden crafts factory or undersized tree to produce different specification round chopsticks.