FAQ About Cotton Swab Manufacturing Machine

renKatherine/ riqi Feb,2017
cotton swab manufacturing machine
There are some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about Cotton Swab Manufacturing and Packing Machine:

Q1: How many people may need to operate the machine?
A: It may need 5 workers to operate the two machines (Cotton Swab Manufacturing and Cotton Swab Packing Machine)

Q2: Is the speed of the machine adjustable? If yes, what is the lowest and highest speed?
A: Yes, it is adjustable. The lowest is 500pcs/minute and the highest 1000pcs/minute.

Q3: How many feed inlet on the cotton swab making machine?
A: One machine is with one inlet.

Q4: What about the size of the finished cotton swabs?
A: The sticks can be adjusted from 67mm to 75mm, and the diameter of cotton swab pin can be 1.8 to 5.5mm, and it can be customized as customer's requirement.

Q5: What about the dimension and weight of the complete set of cotton swab manufacturing machine?
A: The dimension if 8*1*1.6m and the total wdight is 1000kg.