Cotton Swab Making Machine Sold to Pakistan

renKatherine/ riqi Feb,2017
cotton swab machine

One Customer from Pakistan ordered one unit of Cotton Swab Making Machine. Customer is doing business of manufacturing cotton swabs and cotton pads. After receiving customer's inquiry, our sales person contacted customer timely for quotation.The cotton swab making machine is our company newly developed machine, with specific design according to the national hygiene standards manufacturing, high speed, high efficiency, high automation, compact structure, easy to operate and maintain, and convenient adjustment. This cotton swab machine can be adjusted the production speed. Cotton is a head full, bright and clean, even the size of the head and body of roller, cotton winding firm, won't appear falls off phenomenon. Product quality reached national standards.
Model LGC-800
Capacity 800-1000 pieces/min
Power 380V,10KW
The material of sticks plastic sticks, paper sticks, wood plastics
Dimension 8500*1200 *1400mm
Weight 1000kg