Longer® Cotton Swab Manufacturing Machines Operating Manual

renKatherine/ riqi Dec,2018
Application of Cotton Swab Making Machine :
This cotton bud making machine is mainly used for making and packing cotton bud by absorbent cotton. 
Features of Cotton Swab Machine:
This Cotton Bud Making and Packing Machine is fully automatic from making cotton bud, drying cotton bud and packing. The automatic cotton bud making machine is designed and manufactured by our factory automatically according to the national health standard. Automatic cotton ear buds equipment fills the domestic blank, it has the advantages of stepless speed regulation.
This cotton buds making machine is capable of producing cotton swabs of different specifications, with strong comprehensive performance, full head, smooth surface, uniform appearance, and strong winding between head and rod. The machine can produce 30,000-40,000 cotton swabs per hour, which overcomes the disadvantages of low efficiency of traditional manual winding, uneven size of cotton swabs and poor sanitary conditions. This machine sells well both at home and abroad.
Scope of application for cotton buds machine
This cotton buds manufacturing equipment is used in personal hygiene materials factory, also suitable for large and small hospitals and small family businesses with large cotton swabs, good ways to start a business and get rich.
1. Preparation and inspection before starting
(1) connect the power supply to 380V, and check whether the operation of main engine and card is inverting (no load);
(2) Add the cotton swab rod into the hopper
(3) Add the glue (actually a mixture of glue and water, and check whether the water pipe is usually equal to and flow size. It is recommended that the ratio of adhesive and water is 1:20 or 1:150).
(4) Check whether the mesh belt at the suction outlet is installed, and the mesh belt should be tight and wrinkle-free.
(5) Press the cotton sliver into the feeding mechanism (it is recommended to manually rotate the feeding gear to and fro to check whether the feeding mechanism can smoothly deliver the cotton and not jam the case, and adjust the feeding governor to the corresponding speed).
Remember that! Do not put a large number of tampons into the mouth of the carding machine by the feeding mechanism when the crushing machine (carding machine) is not started, which may lead to mechanical clamping failure or damage to the crushing machine. Warning: do not clean (or repair) the machine while it is running at high speed. Combined above, you can start the machine.

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