Cotton Swabs Packaging Machine

renKatherine/ riqi Dec,2016
cotton swab packing machine
Automatic Cotton Swab packaging machine is with computer PLC control, infrared heaters drying technology in the operation of the dry swab, then controlled by the microcomputer servo motor vacuum suction manipulator automatically packaging a series of links, from a cotton into , broken cotton, cotton roll forming, drying, packaging and other production processes. This saves production time and saves human resources (only two workers to) improve the efficiency of manufacturers avoid artificial packaging session the number of inaccurate and unsanitary and so on. Automatic packing machine is suitable for a variety of numbers of boxes, plastic bags, blister card and cylinders and other. For different types of packaging, fixtures and manner of packaging is also different. Single head medical cotton swabs, cotton swabs and baby sign can be produced. Ensuring uniformity and rod sliver symmetry, the wooden and bamboo sticks within thousandths of scrap rate, waste plastic stick was within three thousand.
Cotton Swabs are common used in our daily life. There are some types of medical cotton swab packaging specifications: 50pieces / bottle, 30pieces / bottle, 10pieces / bottle, 2 pieces/ bag. Medical cotton swabs are made of medical absorbent cotton and natural birch, which can be used in medical and health units and home health care, to disinfect the skin of patients, to treat wounds.