The Differences Between Medical Cotton Swab and Domestic Cotton Swab

renKatherine/ riqi Dec,2016
cotton swabsWhat is the difference between medical cotton swabs and ordinary domestic cotton swabs? The head of medical cotton swabs is with strong water absorption, after absorbing saturated disinfectant, make disinfectant evenly wipe the skin, to disinfect the effect, for injection on the skin disinfection and surgical dressings, can also be used for makeup and remover. The use of medical cotton swab for medical and health units and family health care, disinfection of the skin of patients, treatment of wounds, when applied syrup. Medical cotton swab with 100% natural high-quality cotton, smooth texture. The high temperature treatment, clean. Cotton and plastic rods are closely intertwined, allowing you to feel at ease during use. At the same time it also has the following uses: 1. Bath after cleaning the ears, daily clean ear and other body care; 2. Make-up time as a cosmetic; 3. Clean precious jewelry, clean up the dust inside the machine.
Medical cotton swab production materials is also better than ordinary cotton swabs, disposable medical cotton swab with medical professional cotton, the production is high temperature sterilization to ensure the purity of its raw materials, pollution-free, followed by the use of natural wood, production The process of strict checks, each clearance can ensure sterile production operations, and medical cotton swab of cotton is tight without impurities, elastic white fiber, and ordinary cotton swab is made of ordinary cotton, its fiber It is far less than a medical cotton.
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Medical cotton swabs: the use of medical cotton and natural birch made of medical and health units and family health care, the patient's skin disinfection, treatment of wounds, smear when used. Its characteristics are non-toxic, non-irritating, a better water absorption, easy to use. This product is sterilized grade products, can be assured that use. The use of the bag can be used. Can directly deal with the wound. But pay attention to the cotton should be stored in a relative humidity of not more than 80%, non-corrosive gases and well-ventilated room, to avoid high temperature.
Ordinary Cotton Swab: usually have a strong absorption of liquid, toughness, wear resistance and good features, will not scratch the device is wiped, not falling debris. Fine particles and liquid into the cotton swab hole, will not fall out or easily extrusion, has good locking capacity, is a good clean room production of cleaning supplies, in the production process of special circumstances (wiping cloth can not wipe) to eliminate pollutants and keep clean. Chemical residue content after wiping is low. Combustible, easy to handle, environmentally friendly environmentally friendly. Most cleaning swabs are electrically conductive, keeping the operator and tool grounded.
Medical cotton swabs and supermarkets in the cotton swab the biggest difference is in their use, the use of medical swabs for medical and health units and family health care, the patient's skin disinfection, treatment of wounds, smear when used. The life of cotton is used in the life of the trivial broken pieces.