How To Make Wood Round Stick?

renKatherine/ riqi Oct,2018
Function of Wood Round Stick Making Machine:
Wood round stick planing machine most used for planing square wood into round shape. Round rod machine provided with heavy-duty construction, and quickly produces round rods from square stock.
Wood Round Stick Making Machine
The Round wood stick making machine can make round wood stick from wood of irregular shape.the final round wood can be handle for shovel and hoe, and other instrumen.
Various cutters and feed rollers of this round rod milling machine is to accommodate different sizes and types of stock including: Acrylic, rattan, bakelite and wood. If you are interested in this wood round stick making machine,want to know more about this wood round stick making machine please leave your email on our website or you can contact me with freely,we will send the machine detail and price to you.
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