Wood Shaving Making Machine Working Process

renKatherine/ riqi Sep,2018
Wood Shaving Machine is used to make wood shavings. The different size of final product can be adjusted by tuning the cutter and changing the sieve. the raw material gets into the machine from feeding port, through the cutter to the crushing room, under the effect of the mutual striking hammers, the material is being crushed. 
This type of wood shaving machine made by us is energy-saving type and easy to operate. It is designed and developed according to industrial requirements.It belongs to wood crushing and pulverizing machine. It is finely processed, high efficiency and environmental protection type. It is optional for electricity and diesel so it can meet buyers’ different requirements.
The wood shaving machine can making the wood shaving for log,branch and plate.the thickness of wood shaving can be adjusted. we have four types for you choose,you can depend on your needs and output requires to order,if you interest ,please contact me at any time.
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