Machine That Cuts Round Wood Sticks

renKatherine/ riqi Jun,2017
Round wood sticks are popular in daily life, widely used as broom handle, shovel, hoe, mop and also used in the decoration. How to make round wood sticks? Today we will introduce this machine that cuts round wood sticks. This round wood sticks cut machine is mainly used for processing the elongated wood and log core into wood stick according to the requirements.
Main features of round wood sticks cut machine:
1.The proper material is widely,such as elongated wood and round stock embryo,to change the disadvantage of raw material limited.
2.Smooth surface,the stick which processed approach to the one through sanding,to leave the sanding process by changing the speed of the machine .
3.High efficiency, the highest speed of the machine can reach 25 pcs/min,and can be customed the machine which can process more sticks for one time .
machine that cuts round wood sticks
wood sticks rounding machine
wood sticks making machine