Automatic Cotton Swabs Manufacturing & Packaging Machinery

renKatherine/ riqi Jun,2017
This automatic cotton swabs manufacturing and packaging machinery is mainly used for making and packing cotton bud by absorbent cotton. This automatic cotton swabs production line adopted Computer PLC Process Control, with Infrared Warm wind type drying technology. It is drying the cotton swab during the operation. Then, the vacuum inhaled manipulator controlled by microcoputer servo motor to feed the cotton swab to finished feeding cotton, crushing cotton, forming cotton roll, drying, packing and other series of production process. Save time and labor(only two workers to operate is ok), improve the production efficiency manufacturer.  This production line also can count cotton swab automatic when packing. Avoiding the inaccuracies and unhealth during the manual packing, etc. The packing fixture will be different according to different packing model. 
cotton swab manufacturing machine
cotton buds making machine