Productores de Wood Shaving For Horse Bedding

renKatherine/ riqi Mar,2017

 The wood sticks, branch, fork leftover can be processed into wood shavings with certain thickness by this New type automatic wood shavings machine. The finished shavings are with wide application: For animal bedding, for producing high-pressure wood after crushing. 
What is the wodking procedure of wood shaving making machine? LONGER Machinery manufactures this automatic wood shavings machine. There are 24 blades, all imported from the original German HSS material blade, the size of the shavings can also be adjusted according to individual needs, and the capacity ranging from 400 kg to 3 tons of production, user-friendly needs of different periods. The installation of Wood Shaving machine is simple and convenient, through the power can start work, and the environment will not cause pollution.
Application of the finished wood shavings:
1. Particleboard (plywood), often used in furniture manufacturing.
2. It can be used as raw materials for making paper.
3. During logistics transport, it can be filled into box to aviod damage for some fragile products.
4. Poultry farms are commonly used as shavings in animals as fossil fillers, especially for pet mats and racetracks. Different sizes of different shavings must be used for different animals.
5. The shavings can also be used as bio-energy ignition material.