Machine Which Can Bring a Square Wood to Round Sticks

renKatherine/ riqi Jul,2017
Looking for a machine that can bring a square wood to round sticks? Today we will introduce this round rod machine with processing range from 1cm---3cm diameter can be customized for different types of models, the material can be a square, but also the round, can also be customized for other types of round rod machine. 
This wood rod stick machine is mainly used for construction equipment wooden bars, round pillar, ancient, tile-roofed house building with circular beam, furniture decoration, decoration for circular timber processing.
wood rounding machine
Wood round stick planing machine most used for planing square wood into round shape. 
Round rod machine provided with heavy-duty construction, and quickly produces round rods from square stock.
wood rod machine
Various cutters and feed rollers of this round rod milling machine is to accommodate different sizes and types of stock including: Acrylic, rattan, bakelite and wood. 
The Round wood stick making machine can make round wood stick from wood of irregular shape.the final round wood can be handle for shovel and hoe, and other instrument.
Usage: Used to wood processing into round rods, can greatly improve the production of round, improve the efficiency of production.
Pressing width: 10-100mm. Working length: Max 250mm. Round wood diameter:10-30mm. Feeding speed: 30-46m/min. Spindle velocity: 8500r/min. Blade diameter: 30mm. Extraction outlet size: 80mm. Motor Overall power: 6.75kw. Overall dimension: 1050x770x1300mm
wood broom handle machine