Wooden Tongue Depressor Machines From Longer Machinery

renKatherine/ riqi Jun,2017

The working process of wood tongue pressor machines:

Saw raw material wood to segment - steam boiling wood segment - rotary cutting to wood plate - punch cutting to tongue depressor shape - drying and polishing these tongue depressor - ordering tongue depressor - chamfering tongue depressor edge - tongue depressor bundling - tongue depressor sigle piece packing as final product.
The complete set of wood tongue depressor machines can be used to make wood ice cream sticks, wood coffee stirrer, and wood matchsticks, with capacity 320,000pieces/every 8 hours.
1. Raw Timber Material Purchasing and Storage: Raw Birch Timber must be purchased during December and April. Then storage at the factory for whole year production using.
2. Sawing : According to daily production plan, sawing the timber to required sizes by industrial sawing machine.
3. Soaking : Soaking the wood block by high temperature water for 8 hours to make the wood soften.
4. Slicing : Slicing the wood block to the long strip slice by slicing machine.
5. Punching : Punching the slice strip to required shape by puncher.
6. Drying and Polishing : Loading the punched semi-products into the huge drying rotary drunk by conveyor. The temperature is over 100 degree C, and timing is over 6 hours. According to the design of drying drunk, the products would be polished during the crushing with each other.
7. Chamfering : Chamfering the edge by chamfering machine.
8. Bundling : Arraying the sticks and Bundling by paper strip manually.
9. Packing: According to the requirements, packing for Individual Paper Wrapping (by automatic machine), or zipper polybag (by manual loading), or Blister Packing (Semi-auto machine)…etc.