Video of How to Make Bamboo BBQ Skewer Sticks?

renKatherine/ riqi Jun,2017

The complete set of bamboo bbq skewer sticks making machine is mainly used to process the fresh bamboo into the bamboo toothpics, bamboo sticks and so on in different sizes or shapes according to the real requirement. This set of banboo skewers machines can also be used to make bamboo toothpicks just changing the set-size machine.
The production process of bamboo bbq skewer sticks:
Bamboo dissection machine---Combined flakers---Bamboo filament shaping machine---Bamboo filament set-size machine---toothpick set-size machine---Polishing machine---toothpick finishing machinery---Tooth pick mincing machine---Multi-sharpen machine.
1,This production line is used to produce round stick;
2,Size :diameter of 1.0-4.0mm,length 150-300mm;
3,Capacity:120000 pcs/8h;
4,Normal production of the actual power consumption about 10 degrees/hour;
5,Normally 100kg fresh bamboo can produce 38kg dry bamboo sticks.