How to Pack Toothpicks?

renKatherine/ riqi Mar,2017
toothpick packaging machinetoothpick machine

How to pack toothpicks? LONGER Machinery offers two types of toothpick packaging machine. One if bottle filling and the other individual paper wrapped packaging. Check details and contact us.
Bottle type toothpick packaging machine is mainly used to pack toothpicks into bottles. The bottled toothpicks can effectively prevent the shortcomings of user who open the toothpick cover to remove the toothpick and then cover the lid. The toothpick box comprises a cylindrical box body and a lid, a telescopic slide is arranged in the box body, the toothpick is arranged in the slide tube, the slide is in the upper and lower of the box body, The lid is placed on the slide. When the user opens the lid to remove the toothpick, the slide is pulled up, the toothpick inside the slider will be covered in the slide, and then cover the lid can be. Mainly used for user-friendly toothpicks.

Paper wrapped toothpick packaging machine is used to pack toothpick into paper bags, usually one by one or two in one. This kind of paper wrapped toothpicks are generally used for large restaurants, hotels, banquets and so on. Separately packed toothpicks is more clean and hygienic, not mildew. This paper wrapped toothpick machine is used for packing chopsticks or toothpicks into paper bag automatically. It has advantages of : Speed controlled by frequency inverter, feeding chopsticks, cutting ,sealing and counting automatically. Paper wrapped toothpick packaging machine is high frequency, which adopted water character ink printing by flexographic plate, and able to print two color in two sides. The length of the chopsticks depends on customers’ requirement.