Different Wood Broom Handle Sticks Machines

renKatherine/ riqi Mar,2017
wood broom handle stick machine

1.Round Rod Making Machine LGBM202
This Wood Stick Molding Machine: mainly used for processing the elongated wood and log core into wood stick according to the requirements.
The proper material is widely, such as elongated wood and round stock embryo, to change the disadvantage of raw material limited.
Smooth surface, he stick which processed approach to the one through sanding, o leave the sanding process by changing the speed of the machine .
High efficiency, the highest speed of the machine can reach 25 pcs/min, and can be customized the machine which can process more sticks for one time.
Model LGBM202
Power: 7.1kw
Min processing diameter: 15mm
Max processing diameter: 38mm
Knife number: 2 pcs
Min processing length: 450mm
Max processing length: Not limited
Working speed: 8-25m/min
Size 925×950×1130mm
Weight 650kg

2. LGMB9030 High Efficiency Round Wood Stick Machine
This machine is used to process wood into a number of rods, can greatly improve the production of rods for you to improve production efficiency.
Can also be processed into a single single-core rod (by changing the guide plate, knife, feed material wheel to achieve conversion). Each diameter must be replaced with the corresponding guide plate and knife.
Pressing width: 10-60mm
Working length: 250mm-Max
Round wood cutting diameter: 5-30mm
Feeding speed: 30-46m/min
Spindle velocity: 8500r/min
Blade diameter: 30mm
Extraction outlet size: 80mm
Motor Overall power: 6.75kw
Overall dimension: 1050x770x1300mm

3. LGMB2012 High Efficiency Round Wood Broom Stick Machine
The machine is suitable for the processing of medium and coarse wooden sticks, and can produce different specifications of wood round bar, square rod, round stick, blinds, decorative wood line
Model LGMB2012
Power 11.5kw
Voltage 380v/50hz
Spindle velocity 6000r/min
Round wood cutting diameter Φ8.0- Φ30mm
Feeding speed 2-10m/min
Pressing width 0-100mm
Dimension 1780*900*1280mm
Weight 1000Kg