Where to Buy Toothpicks Machine?

renKatherine/ riqi May,2019
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Toothpick Processing Plant
Description of toothpick process machine:
1. Bamboo Sawing Machine: It is used to cut bamboo into certain length.
2. Bamboo Cutting Machine: This machine is used to split the bamboo into strips.
3. Fixed Width Slicer: Used for width and thickness setting and knot removing, separating green layer from yellow layer, ensures the surface quality of processed material.
4. Bamboo Stick Shaping Machine: This machine is used for making thick bamboo strip into thinner one.
5. Bamboo Stick Size Setting Machine: Special equipment for bamboo stick or wood stick fixed size cutting, especially for round stick size set.
6. Bamboo Toothpick Cutting Machine: Length setting for bamboo toothpick
7. Toothpick Polishing Machine: It is to make the surface of toothpicks more smooth.
8. Toothpick Finishing Machine: Dedicated equipment for tidying toothpicks. Through vibration, tidy the irregular toothpicks to achieve the effect of packaging.
9. Toothpick Sharpening Machine: Used for sharpening bamboo toothpicks. 
10. Blade Sharpening Machine: Used for blade grinding.

If you are interest in this toothpick production line want to know more about this processing machine please leave your email on our website or you can contact me with freely,we will send the machine detail and price to you.
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