What I Need To Start A Toothpick Business?

renKatherine/ riqi May,2019
If you want to start a business about toothpicks, the first thing you need to confirm is your raw material, bamboo or wood. We have a bamboo toothpick production line and a wooden toothpick production line for you to choose from.
Toothpick Production Line
Features Of Automatic Bamboo Toothpick Making Machine:
1. The product will log into standard dry square billet in advance - shard - into silk - (poor color appropriate to bleaching, drying) length cut - polishing - remove the defect to sign - cutting flower, remove the defect sign.
2. The above 8 units, production Φ 2.2, length 65 mm, a head of a hand-cut wooden toothpicks, capacity is about 500000pcs/8h, machinery need operators for 4 ~ 6. Industrial electric power
is 380 v, the normal production of the actual power consumption per hour around 12 degrees. Increase 5 sets the LG - 641 machine, the output will be 3 million.
3. Such as production pointed wooden toothpick at both ends and for LG - 642 was sharpening machine, capacity is 600000 pcs / 8 hours.Increase 4 sets the LG - 642 machine , the capacity will be 3 million.
4. The mechanical, can use toothpick used.usually wood processing.
5. Usually each cubic meters of wood, it can produce Φ 2.2 65 x 65 mm specifications of the wooden toothpick by soaking wood hardwood of different material, 150 ~ 200 kg. 
Introduction Of Bamboo Toothpick Making Machine: 
1, This Toothpick Making Machine Production Line is used to produce wood toothpick.Size of toothpick is diameter of 2.0mm and length of 65mm;
2, Capacity:400000 pcs/8h;
3, Normal production of the actual power consumption about 10 degrees/hour;
4, Normally 100kg fresh bamboo can produce 140000 pieces toothpicks.

This is our factory about toothpick production line working video. If you are interest in our toothpick production line,want to know more about this machine please leave your email on our website or you can contact me with freely,we will send the machine detail and price to you.
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