Small Machinery For Making Wood Log Shavings

renKatherine/ riqi Jul,2017
wood log shaving machine
Wood shavings are widely used in people's daily life. They can be used as animal bedding, to make shaving board, to be used as furniture, etc. Today we are going to introduce this Small Wood log shaving machine. This machine mainly used to mass-produced thin shavings of uniform thickness, is an automatic wood shavings machine. It consists of a rack, the rack is placed on the platform, fixed on the platform holder, wood from the feed inlet into the machine inside the machine blade sliced through, hit shavings, wood shavings out of the size, uniform thickness, and wood no difference in the factory hand out shavings. Out of the materials available for plywood mills and poultry bedding can also be used to make fuel.
This wood log shaving machine is a new type of wood working machinery ,mainly used for mass production of even size shavings. It is a kind of automatic wood shaving machine. Wood shaving machine can process sticks, tree branch, twigs, crotch, etc, logs. This machine adopts automatic feeding device, compared with the traditional machine, simple operation, greatly increase shaving production capacity, save labour power and time.
The working principle: 
It includes rack, platform fixed on the rack, the knife rest fixed on the platform, the raw materials put into the inlet, and the shavings are produced through the knives.