Wood Round Stick Sanding Machine Test Video

renKatherine/ riqi Feb,2019

This is our factory about wood round stick sanding machine video. Round wood stick sanding machine, also called round wood rod polishing machine, mainly consisted of machine base, machine body, transmission parts and feeding device, which mainly including motor, reduction axle, feeding plate, sand belt and rubber wheels. The belt and rubber wheels are running in opposite direction, which can make the wood round stick rotate automatically while feeding, and then it can be polished while the rotating process,  and the feeding speed can be adjusted according the size of wood rod and the request for the polishing result.
The wood rod sanding machine has the merits of high working efficiency, safe operation, good polishing result. If you are interest in this machine please leave your email or you can contact me with freely,we wll send the machine detail and price to you.
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