Wood Shaving Machine Working Video

renKatherine/ riqi Jan,2019
This wood shaving machine is the most popular wood shaving machine. It’s absorbent, fluffy, and it looks nice. The manufacturing technology of this kind wood shaving machine is combine the past experience and recent innovation, and it adopts automatic feeding system, the thickness of the final wood shaving can be adjust flexible. the wood shaving machine has features of firm structure, reasonable layout, easy installation, convenient maintenance and so on. The shavings made is used for animal bedding like horse,pig,chicken,cattle etc,Our wood shaving mill can produce shavings of different size and thicknesses.
Wood Shaving Milling Machine
features of wood shaving machine
1. For production of shaving board, board mill, paper-making plant etc.
2. the wood shaving machine can be driven by electric or diesel engine.
3. As inner fillings for shipping fragile goods for shipping company .
4. As biological fuel for household or industrial using.
5. As animal beds fillings in farm plant for hamster, birds, cow, pig, horse, sheep and so on.

This is our factory about wood shaving milling machine working video. If you are interest in this wood shaving machine,want to know more about this machine please leave your email on our website or you can contact me with freely,we will send the machine detail and price to you.
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