A Machine That Converts Wood Into Shavings

renKatherine/ riqi Jul,2019
The wood shaving machine adopts the function of blade cutting and high-speed airflow impact and collision double pulverization, and can complete the micro-material sorting process at the same time. During the cutting and pulverizing process of the blade, the rotor generates a high-speed airflow, which rotates in the cutting direction of the blade, accelerates the material in the airflow, and repeatedly impacts the material to be double pulverized at the same time, accelerating the pulverization rate of the material.
Note on using wood shaving machine:
 1. Adjustment of the tightening of the triangle belt of the sawdust machine When the V-belt is too tight, the motor bearing heats up, the rotation speed decreases when it is too loose, and the V-belt is easy to slide, which affects the service life. When adjusting the tension of the V-belt, loosen the bolts of the fixed motor base, use the adjusting bolts to change the position of the motor on the slide rails, and then tighten the fixing bolts after the V-belt reaches the required tightness.
 2. After the wood chip machine motor has been working for a certain period of time, it is necessary to refuel or open the cleaning bearing and refill the lithium-based lubricating oil. Restore the lubricity of the bearing.
 3. If the sawdust machine tool is not so good enough, it is easy to cause the state of the broken knife and scrap. This situation is generally caused by the inconsistent center of the spindle center of the sawdust machine and the center of the tool during the machining process. When the spindle is running at high speed, if the spindle and the tool are not in the same situation, it will not only affect the processing degree of the wood chips and the yield of the finished product, but also affect the processing effect.
 4. The power cord of the sawdust motor should not be too long or entangled. This can easily cause the motor to undervoltage or undercurrent. We know that the working voltage of the motor is 380 volts, and the working current is marked on the motor nameplate. The rated current of the wire must be greater than the rated current of the motor. Otherwise, the motor can easily heat up or burn under undervoltage or undercurrent conditions. This is actually dangerous for the motor of the sawdust machine.
Wood Shaving Machine
The advantages of the wood shaving machine:
1. This machine is composed of several sets of blades, and the material is crushed by a high-speed rotating blade.
2. The processed raw material enters the feeding port and forms a self-priming feeding through the rotation of the fan blades inside the machine, which can improve the agreed safety factor.
3. This machine adopts integrated fan, which can directly pump the crushed material into the car. It has the advantages of small footprint, labor saving, energy saving and high efficiency.
4. The fineness adjustment of the machine is adjusted according to the size of the bottom hole of the screen. The yield is determined by the size of the finished product you need, and the larger the finished product, the greater the yield.
5. It can process wood, branches and other raw materials into sawdust at one time, which has the advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefit, convenient use and maintenance.

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