New Design Wood Shaving Machine Sold to South Africa

renKatherine/ riqi Sep,2016
wood shaving machine
Quantity: 1 set
Certificate: CE
Place: South Africa

Our customer from South Africa is in business of wood processing factory. Wood shavings machine is mainly used for processing wood shavings with uniform thickness sheet. It comprises a rack, place the rack on the platform, fixed on the platform holder, wood from the feed inlet into the machine inside the machine through the blade slices play shavings, wood shavings out of size, uniform thickness, there is no difference with hand-made wood shavings.
Daily Maintenance:
(1) After use to adjust the belt tension every day, down 6-10mm.
(2) To clean inside the machine, not the last remnants of the pulverized material.
(3) Bearing timely filling of butter, 3-4 hours of continuous work time filling butter, it should be observed.