Wood Shaving Mill Sold to Trinidad

renKatherine/ riqi Apr,2017
wood shaving mill

Machine Name: Wood Shaving Mill
Country of Origin: China
Certificate: CE
Sold to: Trinidad

One customer from Trinidad ordered one unit of wood shaving mill from LONGER Machinery. Customer is doing business of making pallet into wood shavings, the boards starting at 1/2 x 3.5 x 36", to 6"x6" x 48". Customer is plan to get a machine that uses 220V 3 phase electricity at 60Hz.
According to customer's requirement, our sales person suggested wood shaving mill model No. LGW600
The specifications of LGW600 Wood Shaving Mill:
Capacity: 500-1000kg/h
Cutter head diameter: 600mm
Knife quantity: 4pcs
Inlet size: 200*240mm
Main shaft rotary speed: 450r/min
Dimension: 1600*700*900mm

This wood shaving mill can processing logs, branches, edge into shavings, automatic feeding equipment, greatly improving the production speed, which can also save time and labor.  The size of the finished wood shavings can be adjusted by yourself, meet customer different requirements, high efficiency and high quality.