Cost of New Type Wood Shavings Making Machine

renKatherine/ riqi Apr,2017
wood shavings making machine
Wood shavings machine is mainly used to process wood log into shavings. It is widely used in woodworking industry. The working principle of new type wood shaving making machine:
It is using a blade cutter and high-speed airflow impact collision double crush functions and at the same time expected to complete micro separation processes. Crushed in the process  of cutting blades, rotor high-speed  airflow,  with the cutting blade rotation direction, the material in the flow acceleration,and repeated at the same time  the impact of materials  subject to double smash, smash the accelerated rate of materials. 

Application of the finished Wood Shavings:
1.This wood shaving machine is widely used in chipboard (plywood), furniture manufacturing industry,it is very convenience for furniture factory;
2. The finished wood shavings can be the perfect raw material of wood pulp paper for paper making factory;
3. In logistics, the finished wood shavings can do some fragile padding, prevent damage;
4. It is widely used in poultryyard as padding in animal lodge,different animal should be used difference thickness wood shavings;
5. Besides, it can as the ignition material of  biological energy source.

What is the cost of new type wood shavings machine? The factors that influence the cost of new type wood shavings machine are: Capacity(output), the quantity of machines and the country(seaport).
1. The capacity or output. LONGER Machinery offers capacity 1000-1500kg/h, also can customize as customers' requirement.
2. The quantity of machines: How many units of machines do you may need?
3. The country you are: Which country do you want the machine to be shipped to? What is the nearest seaport?

Anyway, there are many factors of influencing the price. If you want more details, please contact us at Email: or Phone/WhatsApp/Wechat/ Line: +8618537181190