Wood Shavings Machine For Sale

renKatherine/ riqi Dec,2016
wood shavings machineWood shavings is a new type of materials which comply with the demand of the market, widely used, for young people want to venture in terms of wood shavings machine can be said that a million profit, the production of wood shavings equipment "wood shavings machine" can be processed into wood shavings, The use of: particleboard (plywood), furniture manufacturing often used to do; paper mills to do the raw material of wood pulp; in logistics and transportation, some fragile products to join some shavings as filler; poultry; poultry; Wood farms are commonly used as a flock of animal stuffing; also can be used as bio-energy. The product after years of practical application and operation, with high yield, good quality, simple operation, small footprint, low investment and high returns, the use of easy maintenance and other characteristics, by the majority of users like.

This is new type of Wood Shavings Machine. Compared with traditional Wood shavings machine, the working capacity of this new type wood shaving machine increased by 80%, combined with the culture of litter machine manufacturing technology and now is made of innovation, the feed port using automatic feeding device, the wood by the feed Mouth into the machine, in the machine and then through the blade slices, and then enter the screen, you can come out uniform size of the shavings, thin slices of thickness can be adjusted. After years of continuous improvement of our company, the product has reached a mature and stable point, our company attaches importance to customer feedback, production and the needs of the gradual improvement, so that our product is more efficient and suitable for commerial use.