Wood Broom Handle Machine|Round Wooden Sticks Making Machine

renKatherine/ riqi May,2018
The wood broom handle machine is used to make round wood stick from wood of irregular shape. The raw material can be round wood or square wood. The wood broom handle machine can be in line with a sanding machine and wood threads machine to make the finished wood sticks with threads.
Working Flow:
Raw square wood------round wood-----Sanding------Screw and Rounding head------wooden handle.
The produced wood round stick can be used as shovel or hoe handle, mop and broom handle, clothes hanger, furniture decoration, staircase handrails, or other wood tools for interior decorations, as well as fence, or even sports equipment. 
wood broom handle machine
Introduction of Wood Broom Stick Making Machine:
1.Round rod machine processing range from 15mm to 50mm diameter can be customized for different types of models. 
2.The material can be a square, but also the round, can also be customized for other types of round rod machine. 
3.This Wood Round Stick Machine is mainly used for construction equipment wooden bars, round pillar, ancient, tile roofed house building with circular beam, furniture decoration, decoration for circular timber processing.
round wooden stick machine