Making Wood Shavings For Use in Broiler Production

renKatherine/ riqi May,2017
wood shavings mill machine

What is the wood shavings machine? Wood shavings can be made of wood sticks, branches, tree branches and other logs. The finished shavings produced by this wood shavings mill is same with furniture factory. This wood shavings mill machine uses automatic feeding device, compared to the traditional operation of many simple, but also increased the speed of shavings produced, saving manpower and time.
What should you pay attention to when using wood shavings mill machine? The operating staff can not stand in the middle of the feed side, should be sideways feeding. If standing in the middle of the time may be dangerous will be relatively large, we must pay attention to this issue, for their own lives, but also pay attention to this reason. Of course, the inlet is carefully put into stone, bricks, metal and other hard objects, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the blade and machine parts. This point we should pay attention to, because the stone of such a hard item will be more weary blade. So we must pay attention to this point. In order to make wood shavings have a longer life, we must pay attention to this problem.
Please grinding the blade when the blade is not sharp, which can increase production. Such as blade wear is not available Whetstone grinding edge, wear a large flat blade can be used flat grinding wheel grinding; Note that these efficiency will be higher, so we choose to use the process to pay attention to this problem. This is what everyone will choose. Blade installation and adjustment, adjust the blade height, flat blade edge of the knife out of the cutter, the vertical height adjusted, the adjustment should be tightened pressure knife bolts to prevent blade activity, damage to the machine.