Bamboo Incense Stick Machines|Bamboo Agarbatti Stick Making Machine

  • Material: bamboo
  • Capacity: 500kg sticks/8h,can be customized.
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port
  • Description:Bamboo Incense Stick Machines consist of 6 units of machines,with the capacity about 500kg of sticks.It needs workers of 2-3 persons.
Bamboo Incense Stick Machines|Bamboo Agarbatti stick making machine consist of 6 units of machines: Raw Bamboo Sawing Machine,Bamboo Sharpener,Fixed Thickness and Width Slicer,Bamboo Stick Former,Bamboo-stick 
Fixed Size Machine,Multifunctional Blade Sharpener
1, Above six sets of machines to be one production line, with capacity about 500kg of sticks.It needs workers of 2-3 persone. Generally, 100kg of moso bamboo can produce bamboo sticks with diameter of 1.3-4.0mm to 20-40kg. 
2, Working process: 
Raw Bamboo---Sawing---Sharpen---FixThickness and Width---Stick Former---Stick Size Fix---Finished Stick
To produce different size of sticks, need to add the blade of No.3 Fixed Thickness and Width Slicer.  So, if you want to produce 20.32cm*1.2mm, 22.86cm*1.3mm, and 25.40cm*2.0mm, it will need to match with two sets of blades additional. 
Bamboo Incense Stick
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Technical Data
No. Item Model Power
1 Raw Bamboo Sawing Machine LGN-111 1.5 60 750*600*1300
2 Bamboo Sharpener LGN-102 3 530 3000*950*1200
3 Fixed Thickness and Width Slicer LGN-103 3.0 260 1180*680*1100
4 Bamboo Stick Former LGN-104 9.1 400 1020*690*1050
5 Bamboo-stick
Fixed Size Machine
LGN-105 0.75 75 800*700*900
6 Multifunctional Blade Sharpener LGN-108 0.55 50 450*400*870


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