Automatic Alcohol Swab Equipment|Cotton Buds Making and Packaging Machine LGC-800

  • Material: cotton,wood sticks
  • Capacity: 800-1000 pieces/min,can be customized
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Port
  • Description:This cotton swab equipment or cotton bud making machine is mainly used for making and packing make-up cotton buds or medical cotton swabs.
Application: This cotton swab or cotton buds making machine is mainly used for making and packaging wood make-up ear cotton buds or medical cotton swabs(alcohol swabs).

This cotton buds making machine adopted computer PLC process control, with Infrared Warm wind type drying technology. It is drying the cotton swab during the operation. Then, the vacuum inhaled manipulator controlled by microcomputer servo motor to feed the cotton swab to finished feeding cotton, crushing cotton, forming cotton roll, drying, packing and other series of production process.
1, Cotton swab or bud making machine is a newly-designed machine based with the national health standard.
2, Its also a reliable, high speed, high production rate high efficiency and automatic working machine, compact structure, easy operation,convenient adjustment .
3, The finished product is perfect and the qualit achieves the national standard .
4, The machine should be installed in the falt ground,to insurance the machine will not vibration and shake during the working.
5, Put the glue(In fact,it is the mixture of glue and water,and check the pipe it ready and the flow,we suggest the glue:water=1:200 or 150)

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Technical Data
Model LGC-800
Capacity 800-1000 pieces/min
Power 380V,10KW
The material of sticks paper sticks, wood plastics
Dimension 8500*1200 *1400mm
Weight 1000kg


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