Where Can I Get Bamboo BBQ Skewer Machine?

renKatherine/ riqi Jun,2017
Barbecue is a popular food in many countries, while the barbecue skewer is an essential accessory. Except wood bbq sticks abd iron sticks, bamboo sticks can be most environmental protection and easy to use. Bamboo BBQ skewer making machine, designed and manufactured by Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery, is a set of machines mainly used to make bamboo bbq skewers. Each machine is connected by new conveyors to be connected with each other, which can be fully automatic.
bbq skewer making machine
1. The machine uses automatic feeding device, the liberation of the labor force, saving the time of artificial feeding, the real one to achieve a multi-machine production model.
2. Grinding wheel with high wear-resistant ceramic grinding wheel, durable in use.
3. Tensile device using stepless speed motor to drive the wire "thrust wire wheel imported natural rubber material", the speed of choice, thrust wire wheel durable.
4. Grinding angle adjustment using four-screw two-way adjustment can be free to adjust the angle!
5. Flattening machine is a low-carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other materials into a flat round wire, square, semi-circular and other shapes.
bamboo skewers machine
Technical Parameters 
Features: Rolling round roller with high quality chrome steel or tungsten steel. Using a special process, long life, rolling wire surface smooth, accurate size.
The receiving device adopts the same way as the roll to synchronize the automatic discharge.
Equipped with automatic water cooling device, increase equipment life. And make the material after forming deformation is not easy.
Optional speed control device, easy to adjust the rolling degree.
Features of bamboo bbq skewers making machine:
1. The original driving force of the machine using 4.0 pure copper package asynchronous motor, the original motor genuine, reliable quality;
2. Reducer with Tianjin reducer factory production of the most advanced reducer, power stability, durable;
3. Roller using the most hard polymer alloy steel 12 Luo molybdenum vanadium made of hardness up to HRC90;
4. The cut-off form is available in both hydraulic and mechanical form.
bbq skewer making machine