The Manufacturing Process of Cotton Buds

renKatherine/ riqi Jun,2017
cotton bubs making machine
Cotton buds manufacturing machine will be used to cut off the striped cotton, through the feeding mechanism and contact with the sign, and finally roll cotton molding. The manufacturing process of cotton buds can be roughly divided into five steps, namely: send cotton, pressure cotton, cotton cut, send and roll cotton. The first step to send cotton is the amount of cotton into the machine at regular intervals. The second step is to press the cotton into the strip of cotton, for the third step to prepare cotton. The third step cut cotton cut in a timely manner fixed length of cotton. The fourth step to send a sign, it is the sign to the cotton and cotton cotton contact with cotton. The final step fifth step roll cotton, the stick will be rotated and moved along the cotton trough to complete the action of the volume of cotton.
The specific way to send cotton is to strip the cotton into the track through the machine cam, the cam is the active cam. The cam inside the machine rotates continuously, but with only a quarter of the contact surface with the striped cotton. The advantages of this way the structure of the motor can be continuous movement into intermittent movement.
Pressure crank used by the crank slider mechanism, through the movement of the slider to achieve pressure cotton. The advantage of this method is that the structure is relatively simple, but the shortcomings are obvious, the need to add a crank to the intermittent transmission mechanism, this will be more trouble.
Pulling cotton is a quarter of the pressure of the circumference of the cam and cam contact rolling to achieve pulling cotton. The advantage of this method is to squeeze the noodles, in the next step when the volume of cotton more convenient.
The label is a funnel mouth to limit the rod can only pass one by one, and then by the funnel under the conveyor component reel to shoot one by one to send away. The advantage of this approach is the action is certain, when the volume will be more stable, minimizing the chance of error.
When the cotton wheel through the pulley rotation, rocker swing to achieve the relative movement of the upper and lower sides, at the same time, the role of the screw in the friction under the rotation, to achieve volume cotton. The advantage is simple structure, roll cotton is very convenient.
The features of cotton buds manufacturing machine:
1. This machine is designed and manufactured according to the national hygiene standards.
2. High speed, high efficiency, and high automation programs. 
3. Compact structure, easy operation and maintenance of the characteristics of convenient adjustment. 
4. This machine can be adjusted the production speed.
5. Cotton is a head full, bright and clean, even the size of the head and body of roller.