Cost of Bamboo Toothpick Factory

renKatherine/ riqi Mar,2017
bamboo toothpick factoryAre you interested in starting a toothpick production company? What is the cost of bamboo toothpick factory? I advice you read on.

There is a huge market for toothpicks, Toothpick production is one of the most commonly overlooked, but very profitable businesses that anyone can venture into. Starting a toothpick production company is no doubt a decision that you should consider if you are looking for a business.The raw materials for making toothpicks are usually locally available in most countries, which means there is reduced cost of production and a complete assurance of regular supply of raw materials, steady production, enhanced production capacity, and profitability.

Step one: Write a business plan
Prepare your business plan when you have idea of start toothpick production. A business plan not only helps you plan well for the business, but it also helps you stay focused after starting the business so that you can achieve your goals.

Step two: Find a good location
fYou have two choices: 1. Find a place where you can easily get the raw material or where you can easily transport the raw material. 2. Find a place where there are many hotels, restaurants, and other places where the commodity is used in large quantities.

Step three: Get the necessary equipment and hire stuff
If you want to make bamboo toothpick, get a perfect set of bamboo toothpick equipment. A toothpick production business requires equipment such as splitting, polishing, and sharpening machines.In addition, you will need to hire a few more individuals to work with you. The number of people you will hire depends on the quantity of production. is one of business units of LONGER Machinery, which mainly focuses on woodworking machinery, like wood toothpick equipment and bamboo toothpick equipment

Detailed instruction for toothpick making equipment:
1. Raw materials: Bamboo
2. LONGER Machinery offers whole process line to make bamboo toothpicks.
3. The normal size of the finished bamboo toothpick standard size is 65mm, and size can be adjust on the machine freely according need
4.The standard capacity is 600000pieces/8hours.

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